7 Creative Strategies for Marketing your Startup on a Limited Budget

No business can grow without marketing. A business startup is no different from this scenario. There are many ways online and offline where you can promote your startup. You need to go digital in addition to the traditional ways of marketing to make it more effective. Investing in marketing your startup is an integral part. It is understood that you are a startup and you already have invested some of the investment in establishing your business.

Hence, it is obvious that your budget has become tight. Marketing indeed needs some investment. But it is not necessary that the marketing for startups cannot be done with a limited budget. Your limited budget is an opportunity for you to show your creative and innovative marketing skills that an expert brand marketing agency suggests. Well, a planned marketing strategy can help you to create innovative and budget-friendly marketing strategies for startups. 

You need to grow as an individual in the market first to grow your business. For that, you need to build a positive character. Your limited marketing budget lets you create that positive character and in turn, leads you to grow as an individual.

Keeping in mind the traditional ways of digital and traditional ways of marketing is only going to build your marketing. But adding the following marketing strategies for startups is going to add effectiveness and will define uniqueness in you. 72 DPI Skillz as the best startup marketing agency recommends the following 7 innovative strategies for marketing your startup on a limited budget.

1.    Narrate your business backstories

You need to create your business awareness in your surroundings. It is for sure that you are a startup for selling your product. But generating attachment towards your brand is equally important. Tell stories of your business startup, narrating stories about what made you think about your business startup or stories of how your products help the people will help you attach with your brand. Make sure when you are telling the stories, your narration should help people distinguish your business from others. It will help you to make memories of you in the minds of people.  

2.    Increase engagement instead 

When you are a startup, you must make your brand more engaging. Marketing startup strategies is not only about selling a product to a large number of people. It is about generating engagement with the audiences and consumers instead. If you want the people to remember you as a brand, you need to start having a conversation with them. Social media is the best way to increase engagement. Here you can get a lot of targeted audiences. Here you need to apply some tactics. Instead of re-advertising your products consistently build some strong content in the form of images, videos, blogs and articles. Your blogs and articles should be helping the social media community to solve their problems. Hence, in the future when they will be searching for the products similar to your niche, they will surely remember you.  
3.    Come up with a new perspective (niche)

As a business startup, it is obvious you might be having some goals. Your top priority goal will be off-course to gain the sales graph of business. You already know there is a huge competition in the market. Hence, you need to differentiate yourself from others to win the competition. For that, you need to carve your niche. You should offer help to the new people by answering the questions on the platforms such as Quora. You can host a webinar or podcasts whichever suitable for your business. Here you can show your expertise represent your niche to everyone. 

4.    Use your niche specific keywords

Building a user-friendly website is not enough. You need to gather organic traffic to your website. For that, you need to create appealing content. When you create appealing content, you need to make sure that your content is built with the relevant keywords. Your keywords should relate to your niche. It should be an answer to the audience's searches. It will help you to engage more targeted audiences to your webpage. It is the same implied to social media.   

5.    Give irresistible coupons

Discount coupons or e-coupons are mostly used by people for shopping. Offering them some coupons will help you to build a conversation with the audiences. It will help you to engage the people in large number as there are very less amount of people who can resist the e-coupons. To make it more effective and be assured that the coupons reach more people. Send the coupons through your e-mail campaigns. Adding e-coupons to your email marketing strategy can help you to make it more interesting, attractive and engaging. 
6.    Generate word of mouth

Mouth publicity or generating word of mouth is one of the best and sure-shot startup marketing strategies. Word of mouth helps you to generate referrals. Referrals are generated if and only if the trust is built about a brand. You are just a startup so you can generate a word of mouth by giving some samples of your products for free or giving free advice in public. It will attract more people and once they use your given product, in case they like it, they will return to you. With the customer's feedback and reviews, you can build a relationship of trust with them. The equation is simple 'help people, they will help you back.

7.    Be a Co-sponsor of an event similar to your business

You are just starting your business. You need your brand recognition in public. The simplest way to have public recognition is to be a co-sponsor. Being a co-sponsor will be cost-effective rather than sponsoring the event. Remember to choose the event that is relevant to your niche. It will help you to represent the people your uniqueness.

Remember, your creativity can never stop you from anything you do for marketing your startup. Your limited budget has given birth to your creative startup marketing strategies innovation. If you are a startup and looking for more innovative marketing ideas and strategies within your budget 72 DPI Skillz as a marketing agency for startups is always happy to help you. The marketing agency helps you to leverage your marketing strategies with result-driven and budget-friendly marketing ideas. 

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