How to create an impactful Education brand

Branding is the marketing practice wherein a company creates a name, logo, tagline, symbol, or design to create its unique identity so that the company’s products are distinguishable from other brands. Branding is not only limited to designing an eye-catchy logo, have a tagline, or packaging of products. Branding is a continuous and never-ending process. Branding creates a memorable impression on the minds of your customers. Branding is the way that helps you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and gives the customer a reason to choose you instead of your competitors. Your brand helps to build a true representation of who you are and how you want to be perceived.
When it comes to the importance of building a strong brand, few educational institutes don’t feel the importance of working on their brand. When parents look for a school, they choose one that wins their heart and branding is all about winning hearts from your product or services. Branding is all about connecting with the emotions of people. Branding has a strong impact on parents while deciding a school for their kids.
Working on a logo, typography, colors, website, etc, is only creating the visual identity of your brand. Unless your school is not a well-known brand and not perceived by the parents as you want, you cannot keep your school going for the long-run. Your school needs to work hard on creating an impactful brand that connects with your parents and when any parent thinks of a school for their child, your school must be their first preference.
Creating a unique brand is not that difficult or easy. It is just that you need to look after each thing of your school minutely so that major mistakes are avoided and your school can establish itself as a brand. It is the school’s basics to offer the students with the right curriculum, well-trained teachers, good infrastructure, and the latest technology that aids the process of learning. To build a unique brand, your school needs to understand and offer certain intangible attributes to your targeted audience so that your school stands out of the competition.
Here are 3 things to consider for building a strong brand:
1.    The vision of your brand: Set clear visions for your brand. Understand the current market scenarios, your target audience, and competitors. It is also important that you understand your school so that you can arrive at a unique proposition and craft your brand’s statement. Your brand’s statement is not merely a statement for your target audience rather it can have an impact on your audiences. Being into an education center, your brand statement should not be business-centric, but also one of its kinds that makes a connection with your audiences. Your vision should reflect from your brand statement so that your audiences can perceive your school’s vision and that would eventually help you in brand positioning.
2.    Communicate your brand story: Running a school is a huge commitment and dedication. You have decided to take responsibility of the budding talents and future citizens of the country. Their overall career growth and development is at your hands. You need to craft your brand story in such a way that it emotionally connects with your audiences and gives a clear understanding of your brand. Your brand story should be able to convey your audiences that why your school exists, what are its goals and objectives, since when you have been operating, what made you choose the sector etc. Share your success stories as well as your failure, your inspiration, how was your start, and your entire journey from the beginning to till-date. Your brand story gets attention, people understand you and eventually recognize your brand.
3.    Keep communicating about your brand and be consistent: After you have your brand vision and brand story, the next important step is to communicate. Unless your brand vision and brand story doesn’t reach people, how do people know about you? Have your social media accounts; connect with your students, parents, alumni, well-wishers, etc. Build a community so that people follow you and tend to know more about you. Integrate your education brand across all channels. Update your websites, print brochures, invite media for your events, and communicate across all channels. It is very important that your approach is implemented consistently. Do not break the flow and disconnect with your audience.
Have a discussion with your team. Get their feedback and views on how you can work on improving your school’s branding. Each member of your school has to work together as a team and make your brand growing. Make them understand the importance of building a strong brand. And at last, thank them for extending support and working for your school. Your faculty is also an integral part of your brand, and their feedback matters too.
Keep a check on your activities and make improvements whenever required.


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