Ideas for Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social Media for real-estate is imperative as it enables the realtors to reach a huge audience. It is not possible to use the offline means of marketing to reach your potential buyers. After spending a lot on traditional methods of marketing, you are still unsure that your real estate brand has been discovered by your potential audience. These days, audiences are more into their smartphones rather than newspapers or magazines. To get your real estate company more business, it is important to implement real-estate social media marketing. To increase your real estate’s brand reach, you need to invest in real estate social media marketing. One cannot undermine the power of social media and its incredible benefits. Social Media Marketing has been an important part of every business and an indispensable part of digital marketing.

Here are some benefits of using real-estate social media marketing:

Increase in reach:
The competition in the real estate sector is increasing day by day and to keep your business sustained in the long run. Social Media is the right platform where you can increase your brand’s reach to your targeted audience and keep them informing about your ongoing or upcoming projects. Social Media is the right platform that guarantees you a result and you can keep a check on the results. Moreover, it is one of the most cost-effective tools as compared to other forms of traditional marketing.

Brand Building:
Social Media is a great platform for building your real estate brand. Buyers/ Clients feel proud to get associated with such a real-estate business that has a brand name. For some, brand matters the most. Hence use social media to build your brand by posting and building the reputation of your products and services.
Connecting to a greater level with audiences: You can join different groups, like & follow different pages to know what your audiences prefer and what your competitors are into. You also get a chance to connect with your potential customers and answer their queries.

Lead Generation: 
Your goal is to get more buyers for your business. Through your social media presence, and following the right strategy you can generate genuine leads for your business.

Social Media is a great platform for the realtors which will help them to market their business. Here are some ideas which can be used for real estate social media marketing. These are:

Facebook is a great platform when you are into real estate social media marketing. Most of your targeted audiences have made their presence on Facebook. Facebook has a huge database and can categorize your targeted audience based on age, gender, demographics, income-wise, preferences, interest, etc. Apart from this, Facebook can also be used to create ads, which allows you to run target based ads. You can target your audience as per your requirements. Your ads are directly shown to your targeted audience as well as the ones who have shown some interest in real estate.

Using LinkedIn, you can create your real estate business’s page and it can add up to your online presence. It may or may not give you clients. But it is the right place to connect with people of your niche, learn about your competitors, upcoming and ongoing projects of your competitors or nearby to your location, and show off your real estate experience. Your profile may encounter with a potential buyer/client.

Instagram serves to be an excellent platform when you can share your high-quality pictures and videos. It is a great platform for the real estate business. Stylish property photos, client photos with property, daily updates of your property, etc, can be posted through your Instagram posts and stories.

Right Content:
Now that we have listed the platforms, it is now important to understand what sort of content to be updated across all your platforms. The right content is the essence of your real estate social media marketing. Post photographs of your property, with the required details of your property. Mention that your property is available to the buyers. Also, post videos and walkthroughs of your property. Videos and walkthroughs can give a better experience and impact of your property and your potential buyers and customers can know what it seems to be like in a person. Share your success stories and client’s pictures after they have moved to their happy homes. You can also update your feeds with the latest trends and news of your industry, ongoing & upcoming properties, and innovative ideas on how to décor your homes, renovation ideas, and the list stand endless.

Create a content calendar:
Now that you have a list of ideas on which you are going to build content, create a content calendar out of those ideas. A content calendar is an important part of real estate social media marketing as it gives a clear idea of what content to be posted, and helps to keep prepared your content for the upcoming weeks. It avoids confusion on what to post and where to post and makes the process of handling social media easy.

Promote your social media accounts:
If you are active on Social Media, let your visitors know about your presence. Feature your social media accounts by placing the social media icons on your website, on your blog page, e-mails, and business cards.

Respond to your customer's queries:
Customers want instant responses to their queries. If their queries remain unanswered there might be a feeling that your business is inactive and doesn’t respond to their queries. Set up an automated response for your business page so that when you aren’t able to respond to a customer's message, an automated response will be sent to your customers, ensuring that the company will reach you in some time. You can customize your response.

Be consistent with your real estate social media marketing. Plan your content regularly and if needed use the scheduling options to schedule your posts if you aren’t available for the time being. Engage with your clients. New ones and existing ones too.

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