Self-Hypnosis-Discover who you really are

Scoring well in academics, living up to the expectations of parents, handling a breakup, teenage tantrums, aspiring to be a scientist, a musician, a photographer or anything but not having the confidence rattles youngsters all around the world.

Such clattering can be stopped and goals can be achieved through the dynamism of the mind.

As you have moved from school days, traversing years of hard work in college and studying in a university, aspiring to land up with a prime job, do you tend to forget your classmates in primary school? Well, the answer would definitely be a big YES! – for all of you who have lost touch with your classmates after school.

Yet, when you sit back relaxed with closed eyes and focussing your mind to go back to your childhood, then YOW! Everything just flashes back. The incidents, experiences, all of it. There appear vague images, slowly gaining clarity and then you start to remember the names, faces, the hairstyles, the nature of many of your classmates.

Did I ring a familiar bell?

Bang on! Well, that’s your subconscious mind – which is your memory box that has stored memories from various time and events- to be retrieved when stimulated.
Now here is the MAGIC!

Quite contrary to a lot of people’s perception that habits don’t change or the lady luck has the final say- It’s the subconscious mind that holds in its abundant opportunity.

Just if we would wish to utilize it’s potential, then how can we optimize our subconscious mind to lead a productive life?

The answer lies not with any difficult algorithm- but a simple concept called “Hypnotherapy” and more specifically Self Hypnosis, if done by the individual himself, which is very simple to practice if one decides to.

So, what is Self-Hypnosis?

In Self-Hypnosis, one works on one’s own subconscious mind by reprogramming it the way one wants to by being in a heightened state of focussed concentration and guiding it through messages. In other words, our subconscious mind is very elastic in nature and acts as a cushion to absorb the guided messages sent to it.

How can Self Hypnosis be done?

  • To start with the first step being, accepting the lacunae and the change that you want to make in yourself.
  • The second step is to choose a time and space where you are comfortable with yourself without disturbance.
  • The third step is to lie down or sit in a relaxed manner with less movement.

Fourth is to feel that from your brain, head, body, moving down towards and out of your toes you are throwing away the impediments like low confidence, fear of poor score, grief over losing a girlfriend or boyfriend or simply anxious feelings.
Then follows the state of reprogramming by imagining what you aspire of being like a confident boy, achieving good academic score, forgetting the heartbreak and becoming happy so on and so forth.

The imagination can be through a picture that you may paint in your mind being specific with the images, being guided with self-talk and may be supported by slow soothing instrumental music. Once the image is completed within your mind, viewing a state of accomplishment and feeling of happiness, then slowly come back to the state of being alert and awakened.

Then now once you are back to your conscious form, you can take constructive steps in your daily life to achieve your goal pragmatically, now that your mind is conditioned to succeed.

Trust me, this is the key to removing many miseries that throttle your capabilities as a youngster!


written by
Dr. Susmita Parija

Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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