Social Media Strategies to Grow your Startup

Social Media permits you to associate with your crowd on a private level as you spread awareness of your brand, create recognition of your brand, and serve clients. Facebook and Instagram present just the several notable names in the online Social Media, while platforms, for example, YouTube and Pinterest pull specifically crowds and offer different advantages that make them a fundamental piece of any marketing strategy.

Despite the enormous capability of social media, numerous new organizations or startups have neglected to effectively utilize it to extend their reach and grow sales. Regardless of the size of your business, you can utilize Social Media for startups as a modest and powerful advertising device by following the best practices.

Why Social Media for a startup is important?

Improved Brand Awareness:

Social media is an incredible technique for at first getting eyes on your startup. Putting in a couple of hours putting resources into online networking action every week their brand visibility increased significantly.

Connecting with customers/audiences:

Social media has obscured the lines between advertising, PR, and client assistance. This is to a great extent because of the straightforwardness wherein you can set up a relationship and discuss it right away with your crowd. Social Media is one of the principal channels they go to with questions or issues. Social Media for startups is a great platform to reach and connect with your audiences.

Increase in website traffic:

Social media gives you a platform to share your content. This gives your followers a reason to navigate to your website. Remember, the greater your quality of content is, the more inbound traffic you'll get.


This point is to a great extent down to you. Obviously, social media channels offer paid advertising, and the ad runner can set the budget. When Social Media utilized organically, it is potentially the most financially savvy strategy you can utilize. Social Media for startups is a cost-effective tool as they may face budget constraints.

Customer Loyalty:

Another note via Social Media Marketing is that it helps in customer loyalty. Customers like when they post a remark and get a personalized reply or mentioning, instead of a mechanized one. Set aside the effort to customize your communication by interacting, replying, or showing importance to their reviews, questions, or feedback and your crowd will see you in a more positive light.

Brand Credibility:

Utilizing the social media in the most effective way by connecting with your customers on a personalized way, handling customer grievances in the most effective way, sharing their reviews and feedbacks, their personal experiences, and posting images and videos across all your social media platforms make your potential customers realize that you really care about your customer's views and opinions and they stay trusting you and go towards your brand.

These are some of the reasons why Social Media for startups is important.

Let’s have a look at how you can make the most use of Social Media for startups. 

Setting up your goals and objectives

Innumerable startups are as of now striving to utilize the social media platform for their potential benefit, so getting your startup ahead of the competition you need to set your goals and objectives. This is important so that your efforts and funds don’t go in vain while using Social Media for your startup. Startups that don't comprehend the social media platforms or don’t plan their strategies to accomplish a certain goal or objective, they are committing a huge mistake as it can hurt their startup's reputation and they need to start their work from zero. Make sure you understand your startup's current needs and requirements and work on fulfilling those so that the small things can pave a path for your startup’s future. Understand what is the current goal, brand awareness, or getting more customers, or any other objective, and then plan for it.

Understanding which platform is more suitable for your startup

Instead of making your social media presence everywhere, understand the needs of your business and the right Social Media platform for your startup. Understand what sort of business you are into and use that specific platform to gain customer's attention. For instance, if you are a B2B model, you are providing your products or services to businesses. Your targeted audience are business professional and the best way to connect with business professionals is to use LinkedIn. If you are into a B2C model and running a clothing business, your main targeted audiences are Women. To market your products and attract the attention of the women, use Facebook and Instagram. You can use the Facebook Market Place option to display and sell your products and use Instagram to post attractive visuals of your clothing.

Set-up your Social Media Profile

Now that you have understood your business model and the right social media platform for your startup, it is time to set up your profile. Fill all the necessary details of your startup. Give a profile picture, a good cover photo. You can now use videos for your cover photo. Give the contact details, address, opening hours, website, and other relevant information.

Create the same username for each platform

When using Social Media for the startup, make sure your username across all your social media platforms is the same as consistency is important. Put the same profile picture on all your platforms. This would help to avoid confusion in your target market and customers can reach you through any of your social media handles.

Post content regularly

Make sure that you are consistently posting on your social media platforms and keeping updated your audiences or followers on a daily basis. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to flood their news feeds. Select the best time when you can post your content. Give a clear message of your brand through your posts and use attractive and appealing visuals so that people can’t resist associating with your brand. Use proper and trending hashtags so that your posts appear at the top.

Facebook Ads

The greatest benefit that Social Media offers for a startup is cost-effective and target-based ads. Unlike traditional marketing, where you print your ads, and depend upon the distribution of marketing collaterals, or make huge investments on billboards and you are unsure if your targeted audiences have encountered with those marketing collaterals. But Facebook ads are the most effective ways to promote and market your startup. Target your audiences based on age, gender, demographics, preferences, interest, behavior, etc. Your ads will appear to your targeted audiences and to the ones who have shown interest related to your business.

These are the ways by which you can use Social Media for startups. If you are confused about the ways as to how you can be benefitted by the Social Media Platforms, then we at 72 DPI Skillz, a dedicated marketing agency for startups can help you to achieve your targeted goals.

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