The magic of Willpower

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi lived every word of the above quote and is a living example of a spirit that has lived through time and space for his steeled willpower and positivity. It is not surprising that Albert Einstein said that “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth. (said of Mahatma Gandhi)”.

History is the dearth of an example of any other man who inspired millions to fight against the British empire where the sun never set with non-violence and non-cooperation being the only weapons against the mighty British army.

How many times many of you might have felt the desire to give up a bad habit of smoking or drinking, but decided to have just one more time which became endless? How many times many of you might have designed time tables to follow for bringing in time management and discipline, but lost the time chart? How many times many up you might have woke up early from bed for a work out session, only to go back to sleep again?

The answer I am sure is a roaring yes me!

That's where your will power played hide and seek with you. Will power is very much within you if you decide to control it.

The other day when I visited a hospital to visit a friend who was operated for a clogged heart, in the corridor just as I was crossing the neurology department, I heard an old melodious Hindi movie song coming out from a cabin. Inquisitive as I am, I dared to just peep in and guess what I saw!

A young man may be in his thirties lying on the patient bed with intravenous drip pierced to his vein and singing this beautiful song ‘Zindagi har Kadam, Ek Nayi Jung hai’, with such an attractive voice and perfection. To my inquiry, the attending nurse informed me that the young man had met with a fatal road accident and there he was lying on the bed fighting with life and death. I was startled upon hearing that he was not conscious, yet he was singing with perfect rhythm, lines, and tone.

The voice and the incident remained in my memory. On my next visit after 3 days to cheer up my friend, I again stopped and peeped inside that young man’s cabin. He was sitting on the bed, looking frail and weak. On my questioning, the nurse answered that though the nerves of his left hand and left eye died down, yet he survived and to me, he looked happy. A further adding to my information base let me know he was the only road accident victim from amongst cases of 15 who survived due to his sheer willpower within the past one week and that he took it in his stride with a pinch of salt about the fate of his immovable hand and eye.

Guys and gals that is the magic of Will power!

Is it possible for everyone to have strong will power?

It is very much within our reach. It’s just that we need to tune ourselves towards it. When we decide to accomplish smaller and biggers goals in life which we might perceive as unsurmountable, we are actually exerting our willpower. When there are goals such as getting up early for a late riser or as big as fighting a messy divorce battle for the custody of one’s child or even fighting a stage four cancer, it's the will power that can ultimately make us be a winner or a loser.

So, guys and gals just fasten your seat belts to simulate the magic of will power with understanding yourself- your strengths, failures, and values; re-opening your mind to acknowledge what is holding you back to maximizing your potential for reaching your set goals; talking to your mind constantly for preparing it to brace up; supporting with a plan of action and carrying out those plans in the field; taking stock of the progress at the end of the day and pushing yourself against odds to stick to that plan day after day till you achieve your goals.

So did you see it's not all that difficult if you decide upon to unfurl the magic of Willpower and go on adding more feathers to your cap by winning small and big battles, achieving goals that you once thought were just not your cup of tea and then ultimately sing the good old lines of ABBA

“The winner takes it all"


written by
Dr. Susmita Parija

Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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