What you should be proud of?

There are broadly two categories of people that we see. One, who never feel they have done anything worthy of self-appreciation and another who brag for every stupid thing on earth like the lane which they live has two very rich people residing.

How funny isn’t it?

But there’s more below the iceberg.

Both of these categories of people suffer from an extreme form of poor self-esteem; feelings of creeping insecurities. The first category of people think the world out there is much smarter than them and the second category of people think that this is their only means to feel greater than others- which is undoubtedly a myopic vision.

In our constant desire and efforts to get to our goals or achieve, we often forget to take a pause and look back on the small little steps that formed the path which we trekked so far. Halting to see back, acknowledging the sweat and blood we expended to be where we are in everything we have undertaken, is fundamental for us to feel good, appreciate ourselves, boost our confidence and also show gratitude to the universal force and people who have helped us through.

On the other hand, when we hang out with friends, over family dinner or on social media if we spend 70 to 80 percent of the time constantly engaging in self-proliferation and be insensitive in listening to others' stories, then we are actually whipping our relationships. In this age of smartphones and social media, selfies take most of our time and definitely help us to be better actors if not anything else.

How do you identify what forms the booty of real pride:

Take stock of your positive attitude and be proud of it:

  • Taking life in your stride with all its humpy bumpy rides as well as smooth green pastures joyfully is something to be proud of.
  • Treating people with respect, empathy and being friendly with others makes you receive love and respect in return

Learning all the way and be proud of the lesson learned:

  • Learning as we know is a continuous process. The more open a person is to cues and information, the better is his chance to succeed. Failures teach us the ways in which a thing cannot be done and help us to find new ways. Accept failures as patience and perseverance can overcome mountains.
  • It’s your right and a necessity to spend some time and money in self-indulge because you deserve it after having worked hard. It will make you happy and serve as a much-needed fuel for your body, mind, and spirit to go for a vacation, picnic, spa or just buying something you always wanted
  • Intermittently in solitude, reflect on self-awareness and accept your strengths and lacunae. The more you are aware of yourself, the more you can accept and maneuver your way ahead as well as you can understand others better.
  • Stand up for righteousness whether at your workplace, college, neighborhood, community, friend circle. You may meet resistance but at the same time, you will have many overt and covert support and goodwill since righteousness and honesty have immeasurable value and goodwill.

Be proud of having your priorities well set and accomplishments:

  • No two individuals have the same lives. When you prioritize things logically and with sensitivity, you acknowledge your decision with self-respect. Similarly, it is you who toiled as a home-maker, teacher, student, security guard or an entrepreneur to have achieved your goals. So be proud of that.
  • Shying away from risks doesn’t help you to succeed in whichever league, Self-fulfilment and self-actualization are fundamental to happiness and sound mental status.

Don’t make your financial decisions a casualty, but a strength:

  • Both overspending and underspending without logic and engrossing in unpragmatic, habitual, poor financial behaviour is not only lethal for existence with respect but can land you in a dismal situation. So, keep your credit cards at bay if it is not required, tame compulsive buying disorder and spend on things that you and your family enjoy after taking measures for savings and the right investment decisions.

Be proud of your relationships and take care of your health:

  • You can condition your mind to be adaptable in relationships through compassion, understanding other’s points of view, listening more than telling, being empathetic and friendly, non-demanding and imposing unnecessarily.
  • Being part of campaigns or volunteering for charitable works is a great way to energize your pride.
  • Wishing everyone even at home and expressing your love through a hug or greetings is a great way to feel proud of yourself.
  • Take care of your health by doing physical exercise, eating the right food and having some me-time.
  • I am sure the above tips will help you to say Wonderful! To the man in the mirror.


written by
Dr. Susmita Parija

Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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Dr.Susmita Parija is a “Women of Substance” who conducts her life with Honesty and Integrity. Sh...

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