What is your Brand Story?

“Tell me about yourself?”, “Who are you” are probably the most asked question.

This question follows you wherever you go. Be it in school, on-campus placements, job interviews, any kind of introduction. This is, in fact, the conversation starter; the very first question that you will always be asked. You got to be smart and reasoning enough to craft your introduction really well. You may start with a quote, your likes, dislikes, passion, profession, hobbies, and all of the things that you would like to share, but most importantly, it must have a story to tell.

Storytelling has always been fascinating. It helps us connect with the storyteller in the way the story is expressed. It can be emotional, inspiring, encouraging, or even leaving us food for thought. Whether you create and leave a long-lasting impression or not connect, depends on how you start introducing yourself. The likelihood of us connecting to any person depends on the story around him/her and how best we related ourselves with it. We either connect with it and join the discussion or we simply disengage.

Likewise, the storytelling for a brand is no less. It creates a similar understanding and leaves a similar impression as individual storytelling does. It must be authentic with facts and a background that should be hard to believe. Brand Storytelling is important. It has the power to delight, touch, inspire, challenge, and motivate. Your story must connect and inspire people to live their entrepreneurial dream.
Brand storytelling is certainly the next big thing. As a brand, if you are not able to connect and engage with your customers then the disengagement may cost you your business. We understand this really well. Whether it is B2B or B2C, having a story around your business, your self has an added advantage in customer engagement.

Fundamentally, there are 3 major things that we swear by while crafting brand stories:

  • The simpler the story, better is the engagement
  • Have an information flow and keep the messaging consistent
  • Be conversational around your storytelling

Essentially, Brand storytelling should revolve around what was the problem you solved, what is the solution created and how did it result in your success. Through your brand storytelling, audiences relate to your story, remember who you are, care about you, and eventually trust you. Tell a story that emotionally connects with your audience, gives them the right perception of your brand, and provokes a response.

  • Why does your business exist & what are your added values?
  • What is your strongest motivation to start your business?
  • What is your uniqueness?
  • Who you are? and What are you here for?

Well, you have a story. So, what now?

Every brand has a compelling story behind it. The story of success, failures, challenges, difficulties, inspiration, motivation, etc.

As a focused Brand Marketing and Communications Agency, we greatly understand the power of Brand Engagement, most importantly through authentic stories. It is through unique and impactful stories people connect from your customers to the team and all the stakeholders to your business. We give attention to your story, understand every aspect of it without being judgmental. Our content writing style revolves around storytelling. We are storytellers. We help brands to craft their stories and connect with their audiences well. We focus on making your brand thoughtful, memorable, valuable, and authentic.

Have your story, let’s create your Brand Story.


written by
Sony Samal


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