7 Content Marketing Trends in 2020

Technology advancements in now and then, and with it come content marketing trends that will change content creation and content marketing for organizations.

Besides, content marketing isn't the main thing that is changing - individuals are continually evolving. The necessities of your audiences are continually developing and you have to stay aware of what they need with the goal that you can proceed to make and share engaging and effective content.

The competition for content marketing is so furious now you need an approach to stick in the competition.

By finding new ways and following the current trends of content marketing you can stay at the top and your content marketing strategy is successful.

Here are 7 Content Marketing Trends:

1. Video Content

Youtube has gain popularity these days and now bloggers are more into video form of content. People also enjoy video content more than the written form of content. So, video content is growing and is one of the most trending content. There is a statistics which mentions that video marketer’s get 66% more qualified leads per year because the video content gives quality content and education to the viewers. This in return helps the users to connect better with the brand.

2. Live Streaming

The popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube have taken live streaming to another level. This is because people want to connect with their brands on a deeper & personal level. Through the Live Streaming Session, your audiences or followers get a chance to get answers for their queries, they tend to know more about your brand, and people realize that your brand is more than a name and you care about your audiences.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts have gotten exceptionally mainstream as of late and now, they're one of the most popular trending content marketing, also.

They're entirely helpful: because they're useful, but since they permit us to get educated while in a hurry. Individuals tune in to podcasts while going for walks or while driving, and while working out.
They can be about truly anything: amusement, history, sports, books, and possibly above all, businesses and the events associated with them.

An ever-increasing number of organizations are making digital recordings where they talk about what is as of now occurring in the business they're a part of. The organizations associate with very well-known characters of a particular niche and have friendly discussions about the prevailing news or trends of a particular industry.

4. Carousel Posts

If you haven't known about the carousel posts, it is fundamentally a slideshow of photographs. It's incredible for those who think that one picture isn't sufficient to move the message they need to pass on.
For a business, the carousel post permits them to share various photographs of a similar item and show it off in various lights, situations, and points.

It's likewise incredible for displaying behind the scenes images, pictures with various filters, before & after clicks, product reviews, product development journey, show recipes, etc.
It's incredible when you would prefer not to spam individuals by posting pictures of the same content one after another, and upload 10 photographs without a moment's delay.

5. User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content has incredible benefits to provide. When you run out of content ideas or want to take a break from creating content, you can take advantage of user-generated content.
It gives a chance to feature your customers who are loyal to your brand and are greatly associated with your brand. Also, people tend to trust other people’s opinions, content, and reviews on your brand. So make sure that you keep sharing brand’s mention and user-related content on all your official social media handles so that your potential customers trust your brand and show your current customers that they matter to you a lot.

6. Optimize Content for Google Snippet

When you Google inquiry and at the top, you find a solution in a rectangular box. That is a Google snippet and each business aspires to have their content displayed on the Google Snippet.
If you wonder why that is, the appropriate response is that Google Snippet gives gigantic traffic to a site. They give valuable and exact data to whatever individuals are looking for, and in particular, it's a truly quick method of acquiring data by the users.

Since they give helpful data to individuals, they will tap the snippet to find out additional. It's a free website promotion and a great tactic to generate leads, so try to improve your content for Google snippet.
This includes giving valuable data, responding to questions, and including ranking keywords and accurate information.

7. Optimize Content for Voice Search

With the growing era of Smartphones and AI-powered assistants like Alexa and Siri are now becoming a vital part of people’s lives and the utilization of voice search is taking new heights. There has been an increase in the number of individuals who are looking for information on the internet utilizing their voice, rather than composing or typing a question on Google Search.
Hence optimize your content in such a way that it becomes easy on the part of the AI-powered assistants to get your content and provide it to the users.

You can conversationally optimize your content that a customer would use for the voice search and include long-tail keywords or phrases.

Now that you came across this 7 trending content marketing ideas, you can make changes in your upcoming content plan and find ways how to implement the above trends in your content.

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