Startup marketing ideas during COVID-19

It is seen that all the businesses are going through tough times. COVID-19 breakdown has lead to social distancing and economic crisis. It is the time where all the businesses are thinking to shut down. Startups are no different. In this current situation, it is the need for everyone to be strong. The businesses are cutting down their staff members as they are unable to pay their salaries.

The startup marketing agencies say that instead of cutting down the team it is the time where we should help each other and support each other. This time is going to go someday. It is the time where we can think of doing something different to bounce back after the crisis instead. Especially for startups, it is the time where they can grow by marketing through digital platforms. 

It is the time of social distancing and lockdown. People are not going to visit you. It is the time where you need to reach them and tell them that you are with them in every situation. You can grow and enhance your business as a brand by marketing in this critical situation. 

72 DPI Skillz as the best startup marketing agency brings you the best startup marketing ideas during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Every critical situation you face helps you to grow individually with flying colours.

You and your business will grow stronger than ever with these startup marketing ideas. 

1.    Connect with the customers in this critical time 

In this critical time, people are not going to step out of the house due to lockdown. They are spending a lot of free time in their homes surfing the internet most of the time of their day. They are searching for new updates every day. It is time to catch their eyes by using social media strategy as a great move. People will love you the most if you will try to reach them even in this critical time. The most important platform where you can show your business coming up is social media platforms. People are using social media to connect to people away from them and to get new updates. Take advantage of this situation and connect the audiences by communicating with them through social media. You can educate them thoroughly about you and your business through social media. 

2.    Show your business online

It is time to leave the traditional ways of marketing as people are not going to meet you personally. Hence, marketing your business effectively through online networking can help you gain exposure for your startup. As you are a startup, your business needs more exposure than any other business. To show your business online, you need to build your content SEO friendly. The more you meet the audience searches the more you can show your online presence.  

3.    PPC  advertising is Wise during COVID-19 times

People are spending most of their time online. They are searching for something or the other. It is a wise time to give your startup exposure through PPC advertising. People are free to check everything on their screen in detail. Hence, make your PPC advertising to be more useful and attractive for the audiences. It will add valuable traffic to your website through a search engine.

4.    Beat your Competition with Strategic SEO

SEO is one of the important aspects of digital marketing strategies. It is one of the marketing strategies that give you great exposure to your business. As a startup, you need to show your online presence as much as possible. With the help of a startup marketing agency, you can improve your SEO to increase your SERP ratings. 

5.    Attract Audiences through irresistible Offers!!!

Discounts and offers are important in startup marketing strategies. It helps to attract people to the most. To attract the targeted people in these critical times use this move with a trick. While offering them discounts, make content relevant to the critical times, and how much effort you are taking to reach them. It will help you to reach touchpoints of the people and they will be attracted to your brand emotionally. It will help you to promote your brand during lockdown but it will affect people's emotions for the long term.


6.    Localize your SEO Marketing

It is lockdown and people are not going to travel a distance to reach you. Hence, it is the time and needs to optimize your marketing for local people. You should focus your business on the local area to reach more audiences. You can optimize your marketing strategy by using ‘near me’ keyword to your content.  

7.    Advice Audiences not to get panicked

Due to lockdown and social distancing people are seemed to be panicked. They are panicked as they can’t go out of their house to buy things for them. It is the best time where you can make them feel supported and backed by reaching your services to their doorstep. You should also make them feel safe for ordering home deliveries by showcasing the safety and hygiene measures taken by you through various channels. Also, try to connect to them like never before by consistently posting useful content for them during this breakdown. 

8.    Redesign your Digital Marketing Assets

Yes, it is lockdown and things in business are facing a slowdown. It means that you are also having some free time. Instead of worrying for the future in this free time, utilize it to rephrase your marketing strategies. It is understood that you are a startup and every marketing strategy is newly designed. You should never forget that you should freshen up your marketing assets as time changes. Hence, you should think about redesigning your website and social media marketing content. Every marketing strategy is needed to be refreshed by analyzing the situation.

You must remember that people are going to remember you if you are going to help them in critical times.

Hence, it is the time you use your startup marketing ideas in such a way that they help you to bounce back after the lockdown scenario. The above marketing ideas show that you can promote your startup business in every critical time may it be corona breakdown or any other economic crisis.

Instead of losing down, you should come up with innovative marketing ideas to beat the market.

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